Monday, September 16, 2013

Field Trip to…Nana’s!


Last week, we made a spontaneous visit to my grandmother’s house.  The kids were really excited.  Everyone loves Nana!  I took some school things with us, but we didn’t even touch them.  A trip to Nana’s can be very educational by itself.

The kids watched Nana make biscuits and were able to roll some of their own. All that play-doh practice really came in handy!

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We went to the Veteran’s Memorial in Huntsville and saw Papa’s brick.  Papa died 10 years ago, so my kids never knew him. 


Later, Nana told Sophie about some of her Native American ancestors, (Sophie was curious about them.)  We looked over pictures, poured over documents and went on


We also went to visit a turtle habitat just a couple blocks from Nana’s house.  There were probably 4-5 different kinds of turtles, including one giant snapper that Liam called “Big Guy”. 


We had a great time at Nana’s!  We were able to count all these things as school, and they were things we would have done anyway!  Being able to pack up and go somewhere is a great benefit to homeschooling.  We couldn’t have done this if Sophie were in a traditional school as we went mid-week. 



Here is Sophie’s Sketch Tuesday drawing from this week.  The theme was something with wheels.  Sophie chose to do a concrete mixer.  We had to look up one online for her to copy.  She did a great job! 


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