Why Grace and Knowledge?

To be honest, I really wanted a short name for ease of typing, but all the good ones were already taken. So, why Grace and Knowledge? Pull out your Bible and turn to 2 Peter 3:14 and start reading to find out!

You’ll find that Peter tells us there are some hard things to understand in the scriptures, and that some people will twist what the Bible says. He tells us to be careful not to be carried away with these errors, but to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

If I do nothing else in life, but have helped my children grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus, then I will have been successful. Because of this, in our homeschool, we learn with a Biblical worldview. We believe the Bible is true and are unapologetic about it. It’s our number one textbook!

So, there you have it; Grace and Knowledge Homeschool. We’ve got a lot to learn and would love for you to join us; it’s gonna be a crazy, wonderful ride!

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