Monday, September 2, 2013

1st Day of School


Welcome to my new blog, Grace and Knowledge Homeschool.  I’m so excited you are here! 

We just completed our first week of Kindergarten.  “How did it go?”  It was great, and crazy, and I don’t think one single day went as I had planned.  “Be flexible!” I can hear my friend Sue Crabtree in my head, speaking of teachers and the need to go with the flow. 


Our first day was initially going to be tomorrow, but since Sophie was so excited, we started a week early.  I wasn’t 100% ready in my mind, but ready enough to pull some things together.  It was a fine balance to have a relaxed first day and also do enough “school stuff” for Sophie to have felt like she was starting school.  We had a very relaxed Pre-K last year, so we are transitioning this year to a little more structure.  We are not on a schedule yet, so it will be interesting to find what works for us. 

Liam is just as excited about school as Sophie, so he’s starting school too! 


He can do some things with Sophie. He wants to do everything she does, and picks up more than I know.  I’ll just let him show me what he wants to learn. 

There will also be a lot of imaginative play.  Wasn’t that the best part of Kindergarten anyway? 

One of the things we did special for the first day of school was to trace their handprints.  We did this last year so I will retrace the prints onto nice paper and laminate ala this pinterest find.  We should have a nice set someday.  I realize this project may not go all the way through high school, but at least for a few years it will be nice.

I also had Sophie write her name. The printable we used has a place to do this every month to see how her handwriting improves.  You can find the printable in Confessions of a Homeschooler’s Preschool Daily Learning Notebook. 

We had a fun first day of school which also included calendar time, Bible, Science in the garden, Artist and Hymn studies, French and baking cookies.  That sounds like so much, but it seriously did not take long at all.  I’ll let you know more about how we are approaching these subjects and more about our first week of school later.  Even though I wasn’t completely ready to start school, Sophie said it was the best day ever, so I must have done something right.